NARRATOR (con’t)
                             Then, it dropped into darkness.

                             The great machine knew that this
                             tiny scout was reporting back to
                             its parent; but it was too simple,
                             too primative a device to detect
                             the forces that were gathering
                             round it now.

                             Then the pod came, carrying
                             life. The great machine searched
                             its memories.

                             The logic circuits made their
                             decision when the pod had fallen
                             beyond the last faint glow of the
                             reflected Saturnian light.

                             In a moment of time, too short to
                             be measured, space turned and
                             twisted upon itself.

12/9/65                                                    d8
                          END OF SCREENPLAY
                            END OF FILE

La sceneggiatura è quella scritta da Stanley Kubrick e Arthur C. Clarke, firmata il 9 dicembre 1965, non corrisponde ai dialoghi del film. Questa stesura prevedeva ancora la voce del narratore.

(dall’Archivio Kubrick) 



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